Among all games that you have played, it might be incomplete for game maniac if they do not play Township yet. So, in order to get to know more about this game, this section will discuss about the Township review. Township itself is kind of game of city builder. It is able to convey the feeling to the gamers to really build their own communities.

What makes Township different with other games of city building is that the mechanic it offers. This game has mechanic which ties the prosperity and size of town. It involves the economic factors of users’ town including industry, trade, and farming. It has also many promising result for users that have friends on the game.

In this Township review, you are going to know as well how to start the game. You can start it with a starter town which is well settled relatively. You will also plow the plot of land as the place where you could grow crops. In the beginning of this game, you start with wheat. Eventually, you are allowed to grow another staple such as sugar cane and cotton. You will get ten plots in the beginning and later you will unlock more plots by growing the population of your town. Growing the town’s population is interrelated with managing citizens’ happiness level. You can build certain types of decorations and building to make them happier.

The next Township review is about the factory in the game. Every player will have a factory which produces vital resource for new structures of the building like glass. Your friends in the game may have the factory with different products such as concrete slabs and girders. On the other hand, they may also have no factory that produces resources like you have. In this case, if the players need to get another resource that cannot be produced by their own factory but their friends happen to have it; the players might need to trade with their friends. The players can start to make purchases earlier in the game in order to get reasonable prices. There is also Township hack that can be used to get more coins.

Last but not least, Township is solid game that offers strong advancement sense. It is quite well designed and satisfying in term of visuals. Even though this game does not come in 3D, it still has friendly and bright look. It can be run very well even in low powered machine. So, if you like it, play the game for fun. That is all the Township review given to you.