For the last few years, the development of game industry especially action game seems to be stuck. It feels like there is not any significant change to reach the better stage. Most of the games just like the imitation of other version. Yet, the idea of multiplayer game as the new invention of online game can be said as the terrific ideology. Then, Titanfall was created. For those who do not know anything about this game, you need to know that this game was born from the same creator who has raised Call of Duty: Modern Warfare. Thus, some people will find some similarities between these two games in different packages.

Multi Players Basic Online Campaign

Yes, most of the people have noticed that this Titanfall as a game with multiplayer basic yet there is also a feature mode of campaign too. The strange thing about this game is that it does not tell us exactly about the war or battle which you have to sacrifice consistently. In this campaign mode, you will have many opportunities to experience the story from a side either it is IMC or The Militia which continually gets involved and declare war.

Combining the sensation of both single and multi players in the same mode, the users will experience another battle with dramatic effect. Coming out in popular mode, Titanfall gives chance for all of you to solve the missions on both two modes available in the game. Apart from its absurd concept, the developer of this game successfully executes its performance in stunning way.

The special feature of Titanfall is that the users will enjoy playing like he or she is in multi player mode although he or she is in single mode. Moreover, each of the chapter will have different objectives and aims. Thus, the players will be curious about the next challenges would be like and they will keep playing to ensure that they are able to finish the mission given.

The plot of Titanfall conveyed through the narration of some NPC characters also includes the short cut-scenes. Hence, there are some problems occurred during the game when you want to improve your progress. The execution that combines two different backgrounds performs very well. Just imagine that you are in the middle of an epic battlefield with the plot you have ever known. This Titanfall will make you hooked up with it before you even think of stopping.