If you have been reading the books or watching the movies, the idea about playing Game of Throne (the game, that is) may excite you. But mind you that you shouldn’t’ put your hopes high for this. Sure, the movie is exciting and the book is highly addictive but you may have a different opinion about the game. After all, you should realize that those things are completely different and you shouldn’t expect them all to perform well and deliver the same satisfying result.


Game of Throne and the Overall Performance

Of course you can’t always expect the visuals and the graphics on the game to be exactly similar to the real one but it won’t hurt if you can see some resemblance to the characters on the game. Unfortunately, you won’t be able to find such a thing when playing this Game of Throne because of the rather poor graphics. The story plot is quite okay but not with the voice character or the poor graphics. Not to mention that there is also the constant bug issues that are definitely a huge problem for all gamers. Trust me, I really hate it when one bug issue is happening to my game – and you have to deal with it constantly? Forget the game for sure!

However, not all of the elements are bleak and gloomy because there are some bright lights about the game. If you are patient enough to play the game and continue on, you will find some interesting twists concerning Alester Sarwyck as well as Mors Westfold. These twists are worth your patience, if you are patient enough with all those problems


Game of Throne and the Playing Excitement

Even if you don’t watch the TV series or read the books, you can still play the game and have a good grasp about this Game of Throne.  Again, don’t expect the graphics to be super great. The Mor’s dog, for instance, look ridiculously ugly. Not to mention that there are some repetitive actions that will make you bored. The combat actions are pretty okay but there are no variations to the fighting tactics. Switching characters is also possible and doable, if you want to add the variations. You can’t save the game during the battle, so there is nothing you can do when you make mistakes – well, unless you are killed so you can restart.

In the end, the game is pretty okay. It doesn’t live up to the popularity of the show but if you don’t mind the issues, this Game of Throne is pretty enough.