Call of Duty Black Ops III


This is a big news for you who are looking for free FPS games and have large of players inside that you can play Call of Duty Black Ops III multiplayer without paying the game. Activision as the developer of this game announced that free multiplayer weekend has now available for COD: Black Ops III until December 20, 2015. It means that you can play this game without any cost until the deadline this Sunday. This free feature is able to be played through Steam. For your information, Black Ops III is priced at $45 this weekend. It means you have a chance to play this game without paying the price.

The free Call of Duty Black Ops III multiplayer can be your experiment to play this game on your PC. Yes, this free multiplayer weekend is only available for PC users. It is such sad news for consoles’ gamers, right? The Digital Deluxe version has also been cut off from $100 into $80 only. It includes the game and DLC. Steam winter sale is really beneficial for you who want to play more games in your holiday. This price will be back into normal until December 21 2015, or one day after free multiplayer weekend was closed.

The news of Call of Duty Black Ops II Multiplayer is ended up by a new teaser from this game. Many of players really wanted this expansion. Yeah, the name of this DLC is called as Awakening where the players will be able to play against zombies. Nikolai as one of iconic heroes in Zombie games becomes the main theme of this DLC. You will play in his dark memories about those zombies. It will be released next year on the PlayStation platforms firstly because it was based on a new deal between Sony and Activision recently.