Developed by Ubisoft Montreal, Far Cry Primal is an action-adventure video game published by Ubisoft available for the Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and Microsoft Windows. From the attitude of its story, to the cruelty of its combat and the threat of its world, the game’s background can compel its each layer. The game takes time in 10,000 BC during the Stone Age when the character you play Takkar is on his journey finding the missing members of his Wenja clan. The Oros Valley is the vast areas to search where he meets a dense wasteland of swamps, forests, and freezing caves, and fight sabertooth tigers and mammoths. There are a diverse cast of characters you will meet as you build your new Wenja village.


Far Cry Primal


Far Cry Primal Gameplay

There is new progression system when reconstructing the village. There are new weapons, objects, and abilities you can unlock by recruiting the Wenja warrior Karoosh or the shaman Tensay. This system is new in the conventional upgrade structure of the series but it could be an inert system for character. There are members of other groups you will encounter in Far Cry Primal as you build up your tribe though they have their own plans different from yours. The three tribes will make conflicts due to the supporting dynamic between them.

Far Cry Primal Features

The Far Cry Primal still use the basic open-world structure similar to previous Far Cry games including the capturing outposts, unlocking weapons, and craft upgrades. But it has lots more menacing factor with the Stone Age setting than those of the traditional Far Cry series. Now you will see packs of ferocious animals that will attack you the same time. Players will get more nervousness to the world due to the day and night cycle. The darkness offers more plentiful and hostile predators. Being success in Primal is affected by the survival. You will struggle to stay warm in the northern wilderness as you want to stay safe by making bonfire. Submerged predators are lurking around so avoiding the water lets you avoid danger in its thriving swampland.

Far Cry Primal Combat

You are equipped with simple tools as you are traveling alone unlike the previous Far Cry games. There is no grenade launcher and handgun but you only have clubs, spears, and slingshots which are slow to use in combat. Weapons are traditional and limited that seems you are more likely to die easily in this Far Cry than any previous series. However, the whole experience is lifted as you will find a fine balance between pressure and enjoyment so you won’t feel too difficult playing Far Cry Primal.