The Deus EX Mankind Divided is very different than normal RPG games so far. The first key point is located at the first-person view which is rare on RPG game. Secondly, it is about the skill variants that make the players feel free to experiment their characters. Moreover, the action of this game is very solid. You will get significant choices and free to choose them. For your information, this game is revived once again through the Human Revolution and the developers start to love this game. Then, they bring out the game from the graveyard and now it is launched to the market.

New Engine

Thanks to the Eidos Montreal which has developed a new engine that is specifically born for Deus Ex Mankind Divided. This engine is called as Dawn Engine. Of course, the graphics are the best in the class because we can play it on PlayStation 4. At least, we can feel the detail face and the lighting of the game. We have to appreciate the main power of this game as RPG game. You will feel different outcome of this game if we compare with the Human Revolution. Moreover, you can now solve a big conflict just by making conversation. Side missions are very well presented here including its stories.


Talking about the story ofDeus Ex Mankind Divided, this game combines two different concepts in a good sentence to make a real connection each other. It is about the technology of human being and terrorism. This game talks about the human’s fear about the super technology that is misused by some racist people. You can see it on how the citizens face this people obviously and how the military against them. Although you will feel cliché story after all, the developer packaged them all in a very good way and makes you all players feel curious to play the game.


The RPG games become popular these days after some releases from big titles such as Metal Gear Solid and The Witcher. This chance cannot be missed by the developer of Deus Ex obviously. After all, they bring us to see a different feel of playing RPG through its gameplay and graphics. Overall, we love to play this game because everything is packaged very well. The game is worth it to be played in your spare time. The Deus Ex Mankind Divided should be on your top list as RPG lovers.