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If you have been reading the books or watching the movies, the idea about playing Game of Throne (the game, that is) may excite you. But mind you that you shouldn’t’ put your hopes high for this. Sure, the movie is exciting and the book is highly addictive but you may have a different opinion … Read more

Online game emerged into popularity since internet had been invented. Game with massive player at single site is called MMOG. To put in simple definition, this term stands for massively multiplayer online game. From terminology, you can imagine how big one MMOG is. Roblox is one of MMOG games and Roblox hack is interesting stuff … Read more

  A new artificial intelligence system can generate short videos and take still images which simulate what will happen next. This system is almost the same as how people can think about the scene that will happen next, based on the new study. People know how the world works intuitively, that makes it easier for … Read more

One of the games in simulation genre is SimCity Buildit. You might be familiar with the name because this game has been in this industry since long time ago. Developer introduces new version with super graphic and complex gameplay. To overcome every task in this game, you can use SimCity Buildit Hack as shortcut. Why … Read more

Who doesn’t have smartphone right now? Straight up almost everyone in all age range has a smartphone. Whether it is for high level connectivity and compatibility of work, or simply to follow the trend of smartphone fever that has been around us these days, smartphone has undeniably become part of our life. It is indeed … Read more

Developed by Ubisoft Montreal, Far Cry Primal is an action-adventure video game published by Ubisoft available for the Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and Microsoft Windows. From the attitude of its story, to the cruelty of its combat and the threat of its world, the game’s background can compel its each layer. The game takes time … Read more

Let us welcome the detail of Playstation VR which has been announced by Sony recently. This VR is such kind of new experience of gaming because the virtual reality comes into gamers’ life especially for PS4 console. We know that PC gamers are enthusiasts to use VR in their PC. Meanwhile, Sony wants to try … Read more

Like most people say that money will make the world go nuts. The real fact is it is true because many people say it as much. Meanwhile, Simoleons specifically have a huge impact on the Sims 4 which is allowing you to purchase a couple of nice things, held bigger parties and even have a … Read more