The long and tidy title, Berserk and the Band of the Hawk, reminds us about one of the best hack-and-slash in previous PlayStation generations, Dynasty Warrior. If you look for the same murder-spree game like it, Berserk will be your best game ever now. It is always fun and satisfying slashing abundant numbers of enemies with some big weapons and two-button combos. However, it is kind of tedious when it is going to long and repetitive. That is what I felt after playing this game and started writing the review about it. Ready for the review?


I do not understand why I couldn’t find any co-op mode in the Berserk and the Band of the Hawk game. It forced me to play single-player mode all the way. The action gameplay is the main thing of the game. You can do some combos with two buttons only and slash the enemies out of the field. Just like other Dynasty Warrior series, we can easily immerse to addictive and attractive gaming experience with these formulas. You can also perform some specials to the swarms of enemies easily with your character. But after all, that is all. It is literally ending up superficially. You cannot expect more to the Band of the Hawk game. I found the repetitive formula to fight the bosses as well. You just need to get powered up first by hacking and slashing the little things or enemies before you are ready to hit the big thing like the bosses. And you are able to do it in 46 Story mode missions.


The Berserk and the band of the Hawk offers very good graphic just like other PlayStation 4 game. There are many boss variants as well in the game. It is kind of fun to these varieties and retaining us from the tedious and repetitive gameplay. The developer also made it thoroughly. The players can see some torsos of the enemies including the head ripping off the body when the characters are using some special fury to them.


It is clearly a repetitive game but I really enjoy every moment when Guts, one of the characters, slashes the minions with special powers to the air. Thanks to more detailed graphic that can make this game up a little bit. Overall, I couldn’t give more points to Berserk and the Band of the Hawk because of its tedious gameplay.