Who doesn’t have smartphone right now? Straight up almost everyone in all age range has a smartphone. Whether it is for high level connectivity and compatibility of work, or simply to follow the trend of smartphone fever that has been around us these days, smartphone has undeniably become part of our life. It is indeed very handy to know you can nearly access everything by little device on your hand: checking email, getting in touch with family and friends, getting the latest update of news, being social through Facebook status and many more. But the more advance its technology; smartphone will always deal with one thing which is the longevity of the battery. Even some types of battery would turn easily drained and can cause damage on the phone. The battery pace is a little complicated, but we have some battery saving tips that you can follow along.

  • Do not turn on apps you don’t really use

We all have those apps in the smartphone that we have simply because it was there when we bought it, or we are not really into deleting stuff so we just leave it there. The problem is if you let this app open it will drain your battery. This battery saving tips is similar to leaving a house with all lamp, TV, and aircon off. No one wants to pay something you don’t use, right?

  • Choose your connectivity

Ever heard why people always say choose WiFi over cellular network? Well basically apart from saving your data, it is also to preserve your battery longer. This is a very simple battery saving tips. You just need to turn off your GPS, WiFi, and Bluetooth when you do not use it. Leaving it on all day long will drain your battery very fast.

It is also important to turn off your network connection when you are in a isolated area. Let’s say you are visiting a remote island for either holiday or research, turning on your cell network while the connection is patchy will drain the battery faster as the smartphone will try to get the best coverage it can reaches.

  • No Vibration

Vibration is a great notification method when you are at work or in the meeting room, or simply doesn’t want to be bothered by “ding dong” every time someone sends you message. But do you know that letting phone vibrates actually also drains your battery. To produce vibration your phone needs to spin the vibration motor and just a small battery saving tips, better turn it off if you don’t really need it.

  • Do not use apps killer app.

When you use a smartphone for the first time many people suggest you to download the apps killing application that can help to preserve the battery better by closing all the apps you don’t use. Turns out all of these myths aren’t right. When the app kills other apps that are still open, it will just leave it down for a while and those “dead” apps will turn on again and suck more power from the battery.