The long and tidy title, Berserk and the Band of the Hawk, reminds us about one of the best hack-and-slash in previous PlayStation generations, Dynasty Warrior. If you look for the same murder-spree game like it, Berserk will be your best game ever now. It is always fun and satisfying slashing abundant numbers of enemies with some big weapons and two-button combos. However, it is kind of tedious when it is going to long and repetitive. That is what I felt after playing this game and started writing the review about it. Ready for the review?


I do not understand why I couldn’t find any co-op mode in the Berserk and the Band of the Hawk game. It forced me to play single-player mode all the way. The action gameplay is the main thing of the game. You can do some combos with two buttons only and slash the enemies out of the field. Just like other Dynasty Warrior series, we can easily immerse to addictive and attractive gaming experience with these formulas. You can also perform some specials to the swarms of enemies easily with your character. But after all, that is all. It is literally ending up superficially. You cannot expect more to the Band of the Hawk game. I found the repetitive formula to fight the bosses as well. You just need to get powered up first by hacking and slashing the little things or enemies before you are ready to hit the big thing like the bosses. And you are able to do it in 46 Story mode missions.


The Berserk and the band of the Hawk offers very good graphic just like other PlayStation 4 game. There are many boss variants as well in the game. It is kind of fun to these varieties and retaining us from the tedious and repetitive gameplay. The developer also made it thoroughly. The players can see some torsos of the enemies including the head ripping off the body when the characters are using some special fury to them.


It is clearly a repetitive game but I really enjoy every moment when Guts, one of the characters, slashes the minions with special powers to the air. Thanks to more detailed graphic that can make this game up a little bit. Overall, I couldn’t give more points to Berserk and the Band of the Hawk because of its tedious gameplay.

If you have been reading the books or watching the movies, the idea about playing Game of Throne (the game, that is) may excite you. But mind you that you shouldn’t’ put your hopes high for this. Sure, the movie is exciting and the book is highly addictive but you may have a different opinion about the game. After all, you should realize that those things are completely different and you shouldn’t expect them all to perform well and deliver the same satisfying result.


Game of Throne and the Overall Performance

Of course you can’t always expect the visuals and the graphics on the game to be exactly similar to the real one but it won’t hurt if you can see some resemblance to the characters on the game. Unfortunately, you won’t be able to find such a thing when playing this Game of Throne because of the rather poor graphics. The story plot is quite okay but not with the voice character or the poor graphics. Not to mention that there is also the constant bug issues that are definitely a huge problem for all gamers. Trust me, I really hate it when one bug issue is happening to my game – and you have to deal with it constantly? Forget the game for sure!

However, not all of the elements are bleak and gloomy because there are some bright lights about the game. If you are patient enough to play the game and continue on, you will find some interesting twists concerning Alester Sarwyck as well as Mors Westfold. These twists are worth your patience, if you are patient enough with all those problems


Game of Throne and the Playing Excitement

Even if you don’t watch the TV series or read the books, you can still play the game and have a good grasp about this Game of Throne.  Again, don’t expect the graphics to be super great. The Mor’s dog, for instance, look ridiculously ugly. Not to mention that there are some repetitive actions that will make you bored. The combat actions are pretty okay but there are no variations to the fighting tactics. Switching characters is also possible and doable, if you want to add the variations. You can’t save the game during the battle, so there is nothing you can do when you make mistakes – well, unless you are killed so you can restart.

In the end, the game is pretty okay. It doesn’t live up to the popularity of the show but if you don’t mind the issues, this Game of Throne is pretty enough.


Among all games that you have played, it might be incomplete for game maniac if they do not play Township yet. So, in order to get to know more about this game, this section will discuss about the Township review. Township itself is kind of game of city builder. It is able to convey the feeling to the gamers to really build their own communities.

What makes Township different with other games of city building is that the mechanic it offers. This game has mechanic which ties the prosperity and size of town. It involves the economic factors of users’ town including industry, trade, and farming. It has also many promising result for users that have friends on the game.

In this Township review, you are going to know as well how to start the game. You can start it with a starter town which is well settled relatively. You will also plow the plot of land as the place where you could grow crops. In the beginning of this game, you start with wheat. Eventually, you are allowed to grow another staple such as sugar cane and cotton. You will get ten plots in the beginning and later you will unlock more plots by growing the population of your town. Growing the town’s population is interrelated with managing citizens’ happiness level. You can build certain types of decorations and building to make them happier.

The next Township review is about the factory in the game. Every player will have a factory which produces vital resource for new structures of the building like glass. Your friends in the game may have the factory with different products such as concrete slabs and girders. On the other hand, they may also have no factory that produces resources like you have. In this case, if the players need to get another resource that cannot be produced by their own factory but their friends happen to have it; the players might need to trade with their friends. The players can start to make purchases earlier in the game in order to get reasonable prices. There is also Township hack that can be used to get more coins.

Last but not least, Township is solid game that offers strong advancement sense. It is quite well designed and satisfying in term of visuals. Even though this game does not come in 3D, it still has friendly and bright look. It can be run very well even in low powered machine. So, if you like it, play the game for fun. That is all the Township review given to you.

Online game emerged into popularity since internet had been invented. Game with massive player at single site is called MMOG. To put in simple definition, this term stands for massively multiplayer online game. From terminology, you can imagine how big one MMOG is. Roblox is one of MMOG games and Roblox hack is interesting stuff to explore.

Before discussing the correlation between hacking and gaming, you need to know more about Roblox. As MMOG, players are able to customize their own character via fashion. Hats, t-shirt, or anything that character will look different from other. This is might not be your area if you want to kill or shoot enemy. Roblox is platform for kids and teens under twenty years old. Of course, adults are welcomed to play as long as they follow the rules. Administrators take responsibility in this matter to keep players on the right path.

Why do players use Roblox hack? This game is for children and teens. Therefore, there is certain level where they cannot overcome the task. Another reason is to get easy way to finish personalization or building. Roblox is free to play, but with limited features. To get full features, players should pay as in-app. This kind of gaming becomes popular today due to flexibility. When playing in free version, you may not have much Robux. For your reference, this thing is currency in Roblox realm. Player will get Robux after doing the trading. As similar to other games, currency is target for hacking. Actually, Roblox is similar to forum, but members are the players where they trade and create something. Moderators are the people who take responsibility for group of players.

There are pros and cons in Roblox hack. If you play fairly, using hacking tool is extremely violation. Administrator will give warning then ban your account. The problem is detection. It is very difficult to maintain big sites where everyone interacts freely. Even though Roblox has rule, players still hold responsibility for themself. Some people state that hacking tool for game is crucial for development. If the game is in stagnant level, players cannot expect to get upgrade immediately. Hacking tool urges developer to work hard in overcoming the problem in their system.

With hacking tool, player is able to obtain Robux easily. It is not fair, but you cannot escape from reality. Gaming enjoyment is clearly disturbed, but good warning for developer. New upgrades will come soon to overcome such problem. In Roblox, you may not find something challenging as action or shooting genre. Therefore, having currency is gate to let people try to find easy way via Roblox hack.


A new artificial intelligence system can generate short videos and take still images which simulate what will happen next. This system is almost the same as how people can think about the scene that will happen next, based on the new study. People know how the world works intuitively, that makes it easier for human being because it is different to machine in order to envision how to play out the scene. But a couple of objects in a still image can interact and move in a couple of different ways which is making it very difficult for machines in order to reach this feat. But there is a deep-learning system that can be able to trick many people 20 per cent of the time if compared to the real footage.

Massachusetts Institute of Technology or MIT researchers come with two neural networks against each other with one trying to create a couple of videos which were realistic enough to trick the first system and the other trying to distinguish real videos from machine-generated ones.

This type of setup is called a generative adversarial network or GAN and the systems come with the competition that has the results in realistic videos increasingly. When the workers have been asked by the researchers on the Mechanical Turk of Amazon to choose which videos that were real, the machine-generated videos have been chosen over the genuine videos 20 percent.

Early Days

For those of you who have a job as the film directors, you do not have to consider about machines that will take over your job because the videos were only 1 up to 1.5 seconds and were created at the 64 x 64 pixels resolution and the dynamic environments can be navigated by self-driving cars and humans can be interacted or you can tag your videos to your Facebook account automatically with labels that describe the condition and situation.

A realistic video can be generated with their algorithm of what will happen next in the future that shows that at some level it understands what the future is all about. They will encourage development in explaining that the computer scientists can get machines with a couple of advanced situational. This system can also learn unsupervised. It means that there are more than 1.5 millions videos. They train the system so that it will not be able to be labeled by human.

One of the games in simulation genre is SimCity Buildit. You might be familiar with the name because this game has been in this industry since long time ago. Developer introduces new version with super graphic and complex gameplay. To overcome every task in this game, you can use SimCity Buildit Hack as shortcut. Why is hacking tool necessary? How does it work? Both questions will be answered in the following sections

Before going further, you need to know about pros and cons for using this tool. Regardless any effect, it is your choice because everyone has different opinion. You can force others to agree and act, as you want. Therefore, SimCity Buildit Hack will be your best friend at all to accomplish all of task.

SimCity Buildit is simulation game which player aims to build capital or big city from scratch. You start from couples of block then expand into wider area. To play this game, player needs to spend much time because creating city is more than building. Simoleons are your resource to build every facility for civilian. Moreover, Simcash is your money to buy anything. To expand it, the city should have port or any similar station for trading. This is exactly like real city where goods and products come from outside. Keep in mind that having great city does not mean good satisfaction for civilian. You still need to manage transportation, pollution, traffic, etc which involve citizens. This is the reason why you interest in SimCity Buildit Hack.

You do not have much time to play, so the city and buildings are developed slowly. On the other side, you see the other players have the city increasingly. Hack tool is provided to support your development, so your city becomes big faster without paying too much or spending more time. SimCity Buildit Hack reduces your real money as some features need payment. As you know, this game consists of free and paid version. Free version has limited features, so players should get the paid one.

How does hack tool work? You need Simoleon and Simcash for this game. You just put the amount of both resources then enter. Your resource automatically is increased. To get this feature, player should submit username and email. As you can see, the tool comes in handy to overcome the lack of resources in game. You only pay real money for important matters

Let SimCity Buildit Hack handles your resources. Using this tool does not mean decrease your enjoyment. On contrary, you will get high-spirit due to unlimited Simeleon and Simcash at hand. Well, it is totally your choice.


Who doesn’t have smartphone right now? Straight up almost everyone in all age range has a smartphone. Whether it is for high level connectivity and compatibility of work, or simply to follow the trend of smartphone fever that has been around us these days, smartphone has undeniably become part of our life. It is indeed very handy to know you can nearly access everything by little device on your hand: checking email, getting in touch with family and friends, getting the latest update of news, being social through Facebook status and many more. But the more advance its technology; smartphone will always deal with one thing which is the longevity of the battery. Even some types of battery would turn easily drained and can cause damage on the phone. The battery pace is a little complicated, but we have some battery saving tips that you can follow along.

  • Do not turn on apps you don’t really use

We all have those apps in the smartphone that we have simply because it was there when we bought it, or we are not really into deleting stuff so we just leave it there. The problem is if you let this app open it will drain your battery. This battery saving tips is similar to leaving a house with all lamp, TV, and aircon off. No one wants to pay something you don’t use, right?

  • Choose your connectivity

Ever heard why people always say choose WiFi over cellular network? Well basically apart from saving your data, it is also to preserve your battery longer. This is a very simple battery saving tips. You just need to turn off your GPS, WiFi, and Bluetooth when you do not use it. Leaving it on all day long will drain your battery very fast.

It is also important to turn off your network connection when you are in a isolated area. Let’s say you are visiting a remote island for either holiday or research, turning on your cell network while the connection is patchy will drain the battery faster as the smartphone will try to get the best coverage it can reaches.

  • No Vibration

Vibration is a great notification method when you are at work or in the meeting room, or simply doesn’t want to be bothered by “ding dong” every time someone sends you message. But do you know that letting phone vibrates actually also drains your battery. To produce vibration your phone needs to spin the vibration motor and just a small battery saving tips, better turn it off if you don’t really need it.

  • Do not use apps killer app.

When you use a smartphone for the first time many people suggest you to download the apps killing application that can help to preserve the battery better by closing all the apps you don’t use. Turns out all of these myths aren’t right. When the app kills other apps that are still open, it will just leave it down for a while and those “dead” apps will turn on again and suck more power from the battery.




How do you use the Pixel Gun 3D hack for unlimited gold? Well, not everyone understands how to activate the emulator to get the items that they want. After all, not everyone understands how to find the cheating tools, anyway. If you want to enjoy the game to the highest level, it is important to notice some of the small details and factors.

Using Pixel Gun 3D Hack for Unlimited Gold

As the name suggests, the Pixel Gun 3D is a shooting game with multiplayer feature. It means that you can communicate and interact with other people through the open messaging system and active chatting platform. When you are playing the game, you can also generate resources that are important for your gaming enjoyment. If you want to progress to the next level and gain a greater success, you need to make sure that you have enough resources.

Unfortunately, the resources will be limited. You may be given some gems or win some gold but the numbers will be limited. When it is limited, you may have to repeat the game to get the resources. Your plan to proceed to the next level will be delayed. That’s why the Pixel Gun 3D hack unlimited gold feature is created; so avid gamers can play the game and enjoy it to the highest level easily. With the cheating tool, you can generate as many gold as you want – to the unlimited level. Not only the gold, you can also generate other resources and important elements for the game with the easy touch and activation.

Choosing the Right Type

Naturally, you need to choose whether you want to use the offline type or the online one. With Pixel Gun 3D hack online, you don’t have to download anything but it will depend highly on your internet connection. Moreover, the provider may set up a certain requirement to give you the access. In most cases, you can get a direct access to the tool for free but with a catch. What do you have to do in return? You may have to fill out a questionnaire or share the link with the others via your social media account.

If you choose the downloadable one, you need to make sure that you have enough storage system in your device. Not to mention that there are always risks that you may choose the wrong provider, leading you to download malware instead. If you want to use the Pixel Gun 3D hack for unlimited gold, make sure to do it carefully.


The Deus EX Mankind Divided is very different than normal RPG games so far. The first key point is located at the first-person view which is rare on RPG game. Secondly, it is about the skill variants that make the players feel free to experiment their characters. Moreover, the action of this game is very solid. You will get significant choices and free to choose them. For your information, this game is revived once again through the Human Revolution and the developers start to love this game. Then, they bring out the game from the graveyard and now it is launched to the market.

New Engine

Thanks to the Eidos Montreal which has developed a new engine that is specifically born for Deus Ex Mankind Divided. This engine is called as Dawn Engine. Of course, the graphics are the best in the class because we can play it on PlayStation 4. At least, we can feel the detail face and the lighting of the game. We have to appreciate the main power of this game as RPG game. You will feel different outcome of this game if we compare with the Human Revolution. Moreover, you can now solve a big conflict just by making conversation. Side missions are very well presented here including its stories.


Talking about the story ofDeus Ex Mankind Divided, this game combines two different concepts in a good sentence to make a real connection each other. It is about the technology of human being and terrorism. This game talks about the human’s fear about the super technology that is misused by some racist people. You can see it on how the citizens face this people obviously and how the military against them. Although you will feel cliché story after all, the developer packaged them all in a very good way and makes you all players feel curious to play the game.


The RPG games become popular these days after some releases from big titles such as Metal Gear Solid and The Witcher. This chance cannot be missed by the developer of Deus Ex obviously. After all, they bring us to see a different feel of playing RPG through its gameplay and graphics. Overall, we love to play this game because everything is packaged very well. The game is worth it to be played in your spare time. The Deus Ex Mankind Divided should be on your top list as RPG lovers.

Pokemon Go hack tutorial

This Pokemon Go hack tutorial is the most basic hack that is provided by Niantic Labs for all Pokemon trainers in the world. Pikachu is the most iconic Pokemon in the Pokemon universe so far. This little yellow electric Pokemon is very cute and most people love to see it in Pokemon series. What if we can catch this cute Pokemonwithout much effort in Pokemon Go? The answer is very possible. This article will show you how to catch Pikachu and make it as our starter Pokemon. Instead choosing Bulbasaur, Charmander or Squirtle, Pikachu is the favorite one. But, you have to walk a little longer this time.

Step 1

The first step of this Pokemon Go hack tutorial is by signing up for the account. Most players do not know how to sign up Pokemon Go account. It is very quick and easy. Just open the Pokemon Go app on your smartphone and then you will be asked to fill in the blank. It requires your email account and password to start the game.

Step 2

After you get in the game and passing the sign up menu, you will be asked to create your avatar. This is based on your preferences. Choose whatever you like and go through to the next section

Step 3

Professor Willow will ask you to catch a Pokemon as your starter. There will be three Pokemon with three different types. They are Bulbasaur with grass type, Charmander with fire type and Squirtle with water type. Unfortunately, you have not to choose one of them instead. We are going something big and more popular, Pikachu! Walk away from those three Pokemon. In this phase, you have to walk from your current place. When you are far away from them, your phone will vibrate and they will appear once again. Please repeat this step for 4 until 6 times until you get Pikachu within those 3 Pokemon and that is the last step of this Pokemon Go hack tutorial.

Pokemon Go Hack Tutorial Conclusion

When the Pikachu appears on your screen, tap on it. You are going to catch it on augmented reality mode. Take it easy and take your breath. Do not be afraid because the Poke Ball is unlimited. We recommend you to do this step in the very beginning. In other words, it won’t work for players who have already chosen other Pokemon except Pikachu. You will have the same chance with other Pokemon to catch Pikachu if you did not do this Pokemon Go hack tutorial.

Boom beach fun strategies


We have some Boom Beach triche hack pros and cons today. There are many players who are still debating about using hack or tricks to play Boom Beach. They have their own arguments and always get tricks how to depend them obviously. Luckily, we have summarized those pros and cons into this article. Here, you will have some enlightenment why you have to use our hack and why you do not have to use them. You will be able to decide your decision in the end of this article. Keep in mind we do not want to force you in picking a side. We will make it as neutral as possible.


We start from the benefits first by using Boom Beach triche hack pros and cons. Using hack will always make benefits for the users. Since they do not care about the cons, it is always fun and amazing to play with hack and tricks. Boom Beach is one of the popular games in the smartphone users these days. We have no doubt that there are many hacks for this game out there. You can hack the resources like diamonds, gold and everything inside this game. Moreover, there are many hack methods from offline until online hack. You just need to follow the instruction from the sites.


Now, we are on the bad side of Boom Beach triche hack pros and cons. Unlike the pros which give many benefits, the cons will always haunt your account and your life. If your account is detected by the system which uses hack, it will be banned soon. This is okay when you can create another account, right? The long-term impact is more severe. Your devices can be harmed by viruses and malwares which you got from running the hack or triche. This will damage the system of your phone and even it makes your phone malfunctioned.

Boom Beach Triche Hack Pros and Cons Conclusion

After getting the reasons, what side that you will pick? Our hack is safe and free for everyone. There is no harmful virus or malware because everything is done via internet. You do not have to download the apk, tool or everything to your phone. The only important thing is the Boom Beach username. You just need to fill the number of resource’s amount to your account and that is all. It is unlimited too. You can use our Boom Beach triche hack pros and cons several times.

Developed by Ubisoft Montreal, Far Cry Primal is an action-adventure video game published by Ubisoft available for the Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and Microsoft Windows. From the attitude of its story, to the cruelty of its combat and the threat of its world, the game’s background can compel its each layer. The game takes time in 10,000 BC during the Stone Age when the character you play Takkar is on his journey finding the missing members of his Wenja clan. The Oros Valley is the vast areas to search where he meets a dense wasteland of swamps, forests, and freezing caves, and fight sabertooth tigers and mammoths. There are a diverse cast of characters you will meet as you build your new Wenja village.


Far Cry Primal


Far Cry Primal Gameplay

There is new progression system when reconstructing the village. There are new weapons, objects, and abilities you can unlock by recruiting the Wenja warrior Karoosh or the shaman Tensay. This system is new in the conventional upgrade structure of the series but it could be an inert system for character. There are members of other groups you will encounter in Far Cry Primal as you build up your tribe though they have their own plans different from yours. The three tribes will make conflicts due to the supporting dynamic between them.

Far Cry Primal Features

The Far Cry Primal still use the basic open-world structure similar to previous Far Cry games including the capturing outposts, unlocking weapons, and craft upgrades. But it has lots more menacing factor with the Stone Age setting than those of the traditional Far Cry series. Now you will see packs of ferocious animals that will attack you the same time. Players will get more nervousness to the world due to the day and night cycle. The darkness offers more plentiful and hostile predators. Being success in Primal is affected by the survival. You will struggle to stay warm in the northern wilderness as you want to stay safe by making bonfire. Submerged predators are lurking around so avoiding the water lets you avoid danger in its thriving swampland.

Far Cry Primal Combat

You are equipped with simple tools as you are traveling alone unlike the previous Far Cry games. There is no grenade launcher and handgun but you only have clubs, spears, and slingshots which are slow to use in combat. Weapons are traditional and limited that seems you are more likely to die easily in this Far Cry than any previous series. However, the whole experience is lifted as you will find a fine balance between pressure and enjoyment so you won’t feel too difficult playing Far Cry Primal.

Clash royale france cheat


Clash Royale Hack APK can be said as the brightest idea for all of the Clash Royale players who want to have better performance than what they could. It works the same way just like a hack tool which can fool the game by adding gems, gold, new card, new battle place, new chest, and many more. Is it actually permitted by the official game itself? Apparently, no. There should be a strict rule where all players should never deal with this kind of hack tool.

Clash Royale Hack APK: Where to Get?

If you are looking for the trusted hack which does not give you the risk of starting your game from the beginning, you can start seeking the Clash Royale Hack APK all over the internet with a variety of features given. For those who are wondering about the different numbers of gold and gems between a website with another website, well, each web might have their own strictness which may bring their own plus and minus. Thus you cannot wish a website with the most perfect offer or features without side effect. Life is never that easy, as always.

What Clash Royale Hack APK Asks You to?

Clash Royale cheat tips will work perfectly in your gadget after you have clearly understood about what kinds of requirements it takes you to. For example, some websites will ask you to fill in some surveys or do some installing applications. Some other website might not ask you to do the same thing. Before dealing with a certain website you need to be very careful not to excess the limit and follow all the instructions given. Sometimes when you fill in the excessive numbers of gems, it does not care how long you have spent to do the hack but it will never work out based on what you expect.

As the technology keeps moving in better way, Clash Royale Hack APK will protect your account from being banned by the game developer. Thus, there shall never be any worries occurred during the game. Any kinds of viruses or potential damage will have been avoided or else the people will be unable to play Clash Royale anymore. Having your game been hacked does not mean that you are a liar since you do not move normally but illegally but it seems more logical to say that you use your opportunity to raise the level of your game with Clash Royale Hack APK.



For the last few years, the development of game industry especially action game seems to be stuck. It feels like there is not any significant change to reach the better stage. Most of the games just like the imitation of other version. Yet, the idea of multiplayer game as the new invention of online game can be said as the terrific ideology. Then, Titanfall was created. For those who do not know anything about this game, you need to know that this game was born from the same creator who has raised Call of Duty: Modern Warfare. Thus, some people will find some similarities between these two games in different packages.

Multi Players Basic Online Campaign

Yes, most of the people have noticed that this Titanfall as a game with multiplayer basic yet there is also a feature mode of campaign too. The strange thing about this game is that it does not tell us exactly about the war or battle which you have to sacrifice consistently. In this campaign mode, you will have many opportunities to experience the story from a side either it is IMC or The Militia which continually gets involved and declare war.

Combining the sensation of both single and multi players in the same mode, the users will experience another battle with dramatic effect. Coming out in popular mode, Titanfall gives chance for all of you to solve the missions on both two modes available in the game. Apart from its absurd concept, the developer of this game successfully executes its performance in stunning way.

The special feature of Titanfall is that the users will enjoy playing like he or she is in multi player mode although he or she is in single mode. Moreover, each of the chapter will have different objectives and aims. Thus, the players will be curious about the next challenges would be like and they will keep playing to ensure that they are able to finish the mission given.

The plot of Titanfall conveyed through the narration of some NPC characters also includes the short cut-scenes. Hence, there are some problems occurred during the game when you want to improve your progress. The execution that combines two different backgrounds performs very well. Just imagine that you are in the middle of an epic battlefield with the plot you have ever known. This Titanfall will make you hooked up with it before you even think of stopping.


Subway Surfers Covers


If you are looking for Subway Surfers hack no jailbreak, the online hack is the best way. But, we have an alternative hack which can be used when online hack does not work at the moment. Here, we will use Modded version of Subway Surfers in order to be not detected by the servers and you can keep playing this game without any worry. The point is that you do not need to jailbreak your iPhone obviously. The benefit of this hack is to get unlimited coins. Thus, you do not have to waste your time anymore in collecting the coins through the game.

iOs devices like iPhone, iPad and iPod users play Subway Surfers to fill their free time. It won’t be effective when we play this game for 24 hour in a day just want to get coins as many as possible. If you are one of them, you must follow our instructions in order to get the hacked version of Subway Surfers game. For your information, there are many ways in hacking the game and gain unlimited coins without doing a normal game. Moreover, you do not have to jailbreak your iOS devices. We know that it gives us disadvantage once we jailbreaked our iPhone for sure. Then, please follow our Subway Surfers hack no jailbreak below.

There are many features which belong to our Subway Surfers hack no jailbreak. In the beginning, you will get unlimited keys besides of coins. FYI, keys are very important as the checkpoints for our character while we crashed again and again. With unlimited keys, we have endless game obviously. Secondly, you will have unlimited coins. Coins are very beneficial for us to unlock all characters and buy everything we need inside the game. Thirdly, our hack provides double coins too. It means you will get two coins while you just collect one for example.

Now, we are on the step by step in using Subway Surfers hack no jailbreak. First of all, make sure you have ile manager such as iFunBox. Then, download our hack zip inside this site. Connect your PC and iPhone via cable data. Open file manager or iFunbox and the find Subway Surfers game folder on your iPhone. Copy our extracted files from your computer and replace all of the Document files under Subway Surfers game. Open the game and feel free to use the unlimited features of our hack. The game will be entitled as Subway Surfers Transylvania.

Playstation VR

Let us welcome the detail of Playstation VR which has been announced by Sony recently. This VR is such kind of new experience of gaming because the virtual reality comes into gamers’ life especially for PS4 console. We know that PC gamers are enthusiasts to use VR in their PC. Meanwhile, Sony wants to try their luck to release the same thing in order to support their PS4 console. AS reported, the retail edition of PS VR is still requiring external processor to work properly. In addition, the size of the devices is similar with Nintendo’s Wii size obviously. For your information, this processor will help the VR to render better graphics in PS4 console.

If you are curious with the size of this Playstation VR, you can measure the Wii dimensions. It has 4.5x16x22 cm of dimensions. Meanwhile, I believe the Playstation 4 has 3 times bigger than this Nintendo’s Wii for sure. Actually, Sony did not mention about neither the size officially nor the external processor. It was just a flash report from trusted informant who was watching the prototypes of this virtual reality in live event. We cannot confirm about this rumor since there is no announcement from Sony until now.

The Playstation VR is an effort from Sony as PS4 developer to increase up virtual reality in the market scene. Believe it or not, the development year of this modern gaming device is now coming on the third year. Then, the price is not yet confirmed too until now. If you are already known about Oculus VR, this PS VR will be a tough rival for them obviously. However, Oculus VR has already become the favorite of gamers these days. The previous codename of this VR was Morpheus. Let us see how many efforts from Sony to develop their future device which becomes the dream of many gamers all over the world.

8 ball pool hack online proof


The 8 Ball Pool hack online is the easiest way to hack the 8 Ball Pool hack. This online hack is released this year (2015) in order to make all of new players gain more levels and experiences through the game. For our hack online, we are always updating our online page. It is important because MiniClip, the developer of 8 Ball Pool, always fixes some bugs which become our chance to hack this game. Furthermore, this online hack tool also makes you feel premium features from the in-game purchase of this game. Thus, you do not have to pay any cost to gain unlimited cash from the game.

The benefits of using this 8 Ball Pool hack online are to save your computer from any malware and the simpler steps than offline hack. For your information, there are so many offline hacks of 8 Ball Pool which require the user to download whether APK or EXE program to your device. Meanwhile, we just need your Facebook account and username to hack the cash and coins of this game. Thus, your PC and smartphone are safe and secure from viruses, malware and anything which can harm them dangerously. Moreover, the steps are very simple. First of all, you just need to enter the username and accept the Facebook’s agreement.

Another important thing to make this 8 Ball pool hack online work is your browsers. It does not matter about the browsers which you will use such as Google Chrome, Opera, Safari, Mozilla or others. Since your browsers are supporting javascript, we believe it works perfectly. Moreover, this cheat won’t work if you have not updated javascript too. Therefore, this cheat requires javascript whatever the browsers which you want to use. As long as updated browsers, we believe you will able to use this hack instantly.

For your information, this 8 Ball Pool hack online was tested before full-released as now. In other words, we had done beta testing before all of you can use as today. We had tested with more than fifty accounts. Then, none of those accounts get banned until now. Therefore, there is no worry about the banned account after using our cheat hack. Anti-ban system of this tool is working properly until now and you can try it by yourself if you do not believe it. The major bugs have been already fixed and feel free to contact us if you have any problem using this online tool.

Call of Duty Black Ops III


This is a big news for you who are looking for free FPS games and have large of players inside that you can play Call of Duty Black Ops III multiplayer without paying the game. Activision as the developer of this game announced that free multiplayer weekend has now available for COD: Black Ops III until December 20, 2015. It means that you can play this game without any cost until the deadline this Sunday. This free feature is able to be played through Steam. For your information, Black Ops III is priced at $45 this weekend. It means you have a chance to play this game without paying the price.

The free Call of Duty Black Ops III multiplayer can be your experiment to play this game on your PC. Yes, this free multiplayer weekend is only available for PC users. It is such sad news for consoles’ gamers, right? The Digital Deluxe version has also been cut off from $100 into $80 only. It includes the game and DLC. Steam winter sale is really beneficial for you who want to play more games in your holiday. This price will be back into normal until December 21 2015, or one day after free multiplayer weekend was closed.

The news of Call of Duty Black Ops II Multiplayer is ended up by a new teaser from this game. Many of players really wanted this expansion. Yeah, the name of this DLC is called as Awakening where the players will be able to play against zombies. Nikolai as one of iconic heroes in Zombie games becomes the main theme of this DLC. You will play in his dark memories about those zombies. It will be released next year on the PlayStation platforms firstly because it was based on a new deal between Sony and Activision recently.

You are in the right time and correct place to find Clash of Kings hack for iPhone. Our team has already found out the newest hack for iPhone or iOs devices. For your information, iPhone is one of the popular smartphone these days. People love to wait the newest version of iPhone for a week before it is released. Moreover, this smartphone is always able to play some great games even the newest one including the Clash of Kings. The in-game features of this game are really wasting our money. It adds more budgets for us besides of subscribing monthly internet of our phone. That is why hacking it can be the best solution.


clash of kings hack for Iphone


No Jailbreak

Our Clash of Kings hack for iPhone does not require any jailbreak which usually found at the other iOs hack. The point is integrating between the iPhone device and the computer. Hence, you have to download the file before hacking this game successfully. For some reasons, jailbreak is a rooting phase for Android. Jailbreak will give some advantages for the users but they cannot use the manufacturer’s warranty anymore. In other words, they broke the warrant and take their own responsibility for their iPhone device. That is horrible when you have no warrant from the iOs actually.


As usual, this Clash of Kings Hack for iPhone carry cheats features. Firstly, the unlimited gold are yours now without paying any in-game features from the Clash of Kings Manufacturer. For your kingdom sake, you can build anything you want without worrying your gold will be ruined. Secondly, unlimited resources will make your kingdom more peaceful and always ready whenever your enemy wants to attack. All of these cheats are common cheats for Clash of Kings for sure. But, the advantages are equivalent with the premium players of Clash of Kings too. Lastly, unlimited silver is able to shorten the building’s progress of your kingdom.


The security system of this Clash of Kings hack for iPhone is very tight. It means that we will make your account undetectable because cheating on this game is still illegal. Sometimes, our users complain their accounts have been banned at one side from the developer. Actually, this is a common mistake from one server but we try to hide everything from them securely. The malware sometimes appears from your PC because they treat the tool as it. Thus, disabling antivirus before installing this hack is preferred in order to make it works perfectly.


Like most people say that money will make the world go nuts. The real fact is it is true because many people say it as much. Meanwhile, Simoleons specifically have a huge impact on the Sims 4 which is allowing you to purchase a couple of nice things, held bigger parties and even have a wonderful wedding. The real fact is the Sims 4 with the most cash writes their own ticket and these are three major steps that you can do in order to make a lot of money in the Sims 4.

Work hard and get promoted

You have to consider that getting promoted is the most logical thing in order to earn a lot o many in the Sims 4. In order to give you an idea what it is all about, you can start at $17 an hour, but two or three promotions later, and you will get at about $37 an hour. The real fact is your career path as a Secret Agent can get up to $12,780 in a week. That will be a major jump for your cash flow and you will need every penny if you wish you want to live the high life and you do not have to cheat the system.

Two incomes household

The good thing about this method is that it is not cheating at all, and you can get promoted and deliver in two different incomes. You can start out by living the single life and creating peanuts. When you find that your refrigerator broke down every single day it started to drain your wallet, so you have to do logical thing that you can think of which is getting married. Now when there are two persons household where each person has a job do not have a maid, you will bring in twice as much budget as before. It is still going to take a couple of players a couple of times in order to start living a life which full of comfort and style but this is ultimately the fastest way.

Cheating is allowed

It is probably not good for us to use a cheat but in the Sims 4 it is fair to think that cheaters like to come out on top. If you do not have a job, you just have to use the cheats in order to drop a lot of money to your pockets.

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